About Us

Installation and Construction (Pty) Ltd has been in business in South Africa for over 30 years. When we started it was entirely contracting to the fuel industry, carrying out tank and pump installations for one company - Engen Petroleum Pty Ltd. Over the years, as our name suggests, we have become an extremely diversified business ranging from General Pipe work, Pump Stations, LP Gas, and Petrochemical Installations through to General Engineering and Fabrication.

On the piping side of our operation we are certified to install Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel together with High Density Polyethylene Plastic Piping, therefore offering the full spectrum of services in this field. In the fabrication division of our operation we have manufactured small steelwork sections, to SABS Chemical Frames, single and double jacketed tanks, to structural steelwork, conveyors, silos and have also manufactured numerous stairways, steel floors, handrails, canopies, lifting beams, cast in items etc.

We have also been involved in the industrial and domestic construction industry. We have over the last 20 years established business associates that have allowed us to offer turnkey assistance with professional advice and back up to our clients. This professional team range from Architects, Structural & Civil Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Civil Contractors, Environmental Assessors etc. It is with this diversity that we truly hope we can be of assistance to you.

Over the past 15 years we have completed numerous auxiliary works on projects around the country working with companies such as Group 5, WBHO, Anglo Platinum, BP, Engen Petroleum, Totalgaz etc. With the experience we have built up over this time between these major projects,we have put into place a total risk management system. This management system is in place so that we can give a full Health Safety and Environmental Assessment, on any and every job no matter how large or small, therefore giving total piece of mind to our clients.

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CIDB Rating of 1GB 6ME


The Business

Our core business is LP Gas, Petrochemical Installations, General Engineering, Fabrications and Mechanical Installations in South Africa & Neighboring States.

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The Objective

We aim to be leaders in our related industries to ensure a suitable return on investments and to enhance the capabilities of our employees such that their full potential is utilized.

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The Standards

We strive to meet customer expectations of Quality, Delivery, Price and Responsiveness at all times.


Our Values

We believe in free enterprise, benefits of competition and enhancement of the Company’s image as a market driven Company by creating a culture of:

  • Always satisfying costumer expectations
  • Commitment to quality
  • Customer Service
  • Commitment to safe working practices
  • Integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Sense of urgency
  • People orientation and teamwork

So as to create a stable, stimulating work environment where productivity, loyalty, pride and work satisfaction is fostered.